You guys must have been wondering what I was up to since MMU.

When I finished my final semester in MMU, i had an offer to continue study in Stamford College, PJ.

Not really a bachelor degree nor a master programme, but simply a communication course certified by EdExcel, University of London.

Well, after MMU, I had a one month holiday in Australia, then I started this professional course with Scicom Academy in Stamford, and finished it in 2 months.

I wasn’t too keen on this course but i still went ahead (I guess it’s because its a scholarship from the gov that I still went ahead with it). But I glad that I did attend the course, because in this 2 months, I met people from different walks of like, different ages, different experiences. In just 2 months, we became family. It is amazing how well we got along =D


ish.. blur =\




before meeting our juniors in the other classes


after iftar @ hartz


our talk show *wink*

my group was a lil different. we made a “plasma TV” as our props. fun fun fun!


mr garfield


Ahh, the memories. It is so hard to pick these pictures. too many nice ones, and too many pictures!!!!

Well, I will be graduating again soon, this time with Scicom instead of MMU =) Feels kinda good graduating twice a year, hehe.

I hope all of us will be able to keep in touch. Miss you guys batch 1 & 2.

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6 thoughts on “SCICOM Family”

  1. I love the last pic! and yes, I miss you too Michelle, and I miss the whole batch 1 and 2… I miss their craziness, fun, friendships, serious assignment moments, nervousness, etc. Feel so sad when think how short our time has been. We will continue our friendships no matter what, because that’s what we have been destined to be.

    But we will see each other real soon! :)

  2. hey..u attended the course?
    i used to work in scicom, calling up ppl to ask them whether they r interested in attending the course!!
    so u must know angeline and audrey?
    who interviewed u? navine or joyce?

  3. hie there nicole.

    yeap, i know aud n angie…
    the last time i was interviewed by joyce. =) are u working at TA?

  4. im no longer working there, it was only a short term thing until i got a perm job.
    send my regards to aud,angie and joyce if u meet them ya!

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