sushi overload~

sushi for dinner

sushi King

Yesterday was the first day of the Sushi King RM2 bonanza. RM2 for all sushi! what a deal. Baby jas0n brought me and my roomies go makan makan because he has the member card. At first we went to Seri Kembangan’s branch but its freaking pack! there were like so many MMU and LKW students. It’s like the whole of Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and jaya jaya all were there~ sheehss, it’s just sushi.. (look who’s talking)

On the way

on our way

Anyway, we didn’t want to wait and squeeze through the crowd, because i foresee that we might end up fighting with random stranger for a plate of Unagi, so i suggested we all should go to the branch at The Mines Shopping Mall. Although it was quite jam and all, the journey is worthwhile. When we reached there, what else happen? we splurge on sushisssssss!!!


mC, carlyn and rachael

jason and mich

can’t have sushi without wasabi!

carlyn and sushi plates
we ate so much!

we will be back~


last night was fun. miss every moment of it, except for the allergy i got after that and the incident where i kena tipu in the arcade~ =)


the after effect

photo-39.jpg photo-25.jpg photo-44.jpg

photo-31.jpg photo-33.jpg photo-30.jpg

photo-27.jpg photo-35.jpg photo-29.jpg

we got sushi poisoning and were all so hyper XD


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  1. OMG~…u even published the food poisoning faces ar???hahah.
    anyway, jz 1 2 say to u that its a great joyful moment with u gurls!!
    I’ll cherish these moments…

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