there goes my holiday

i have not been doin anything progressive this past week. after finals all i want to do is just sleep. i think i have been hibernating from monday to friday, then i decided to wake up and meet up with baby jas0n, Sam and Suiteng in Leisure Mall. I can’t remember what we talked about. All i remember was nipples, dick, vagina, teeth and some super heroes. how random and gross.

anyway, i spent Saturday at Mid Valley Gardens. Nothing to do, so me and my bro spent all morning at the directory. it was so cool la. touch screen 1. *jakun jakun* and hor, their premium toilet is like more expensive than KLCC’s. i think their toilet bowl is made outta gold. freaking RM5. this ain’t my first time going there, but i really did not realize how cool the directory board was and how expensive the damn toilet was.

Anyway, we had lunch at Tony Roma coz Justin was making noise about it… he’s been craving for Tony Roma’s.


honestly, it was my first time there.


lil bro, waiting for his food.


omg… food there was really good!!!!!!


salad was superb.


rib was purrrr-fect!!! *faint*





see see, after tony roma’s we are much happier people.


Justin and I. ouh yea, cut my hair again… >.<

miss the times when i had fringe, so decided to cut like that again. i’m basically a mangkuk now. = )

okay, have to stop blogging for now. gotto sleep early. tomorrow will be my first day of internship. i’m so excited and scared at the same time. ouh well, die die also must tahan till 5.30pm. wish me luck.
good night.

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