time for some pics, baby!

i finally have time to do a lil editing of the pics i took a month ago. was so busy with my assignments. what to do…this is my final semester for beta year…need to get into deans list n hopefully my dad will buy me a mini cooper. >.<

la~ here it goes…

this is the 3rd day of CNY… had a small open house n also celebrate wendy n stef’s 20th b’day.
I had so much fun n enjoyed myself on that day, thank u to those who made it there n hope to see u guys again next year.

These pics below are the pics taken during stef’s surprise b’day dinner. lucky gurl, celebrate so many times. =)

birthday gurl with her cute cake
look at sCha, sho looks high!!! cute… *cubit!!*

** click on pic to get a larger view.

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