we must be crazee~

sometimes if u really enjoy a moment, the best way preserve it is to capture the moment

suppose to be a freaking gif filethis conversation happen at 4.40 am on 21st June 07, in HB3 C1009, after watching Survivor Finale (Fiji) with my room mate. we talked and laughed till we did not realize how fast the time fly by. anyway, this is what happen after that…

carlyn turns the lights off, preparing to go to bed

Carlyn : Good night, michelle.
mC : Good night. ^^,

then there was a long paused
after 5 minutes

Carlyn: *roll roll, tossing and turning*
mC: aiya, forgot to take picture with my roomie..(this is the random thing that we do since alpha) we take picture before u go to class ok?
Carlyn: *baru teringat* yea hor? take picture!
mC: yea, we take picture when we just wake up tmr, hair messy messy very nice!
Carlyn: huh?? *suddenly got light bulb lighted near her head* wanna take now?
mC: yes yes yesssss!!!!!
Carlyn: ^^v

both jumps outta the bed and turn on the lights and get our cameras ready. I need not explain what happens next.

this moment really reminds me of alpha times, where Shyyi was still around to sot sot with Carlyn and i. then iris and more alpha girls(scha, jaz, kahyee, yisin, kit…so many more) will join us at wee hours to take crazy pictures! gosh, where is everyone?

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