Who am I?

I think I need help from a psychiatrist.

I get easily depressed when I see people who are disabled, especially those who are visually impaired.

You have no idea how much it breaks me inside.

Sometimes I wonder why God made us.

So that we can live, and experience life? Live to suffer? Live to make a change in someone else’s life? Live to help people who are less fortunate? Live to find love?

Live for others?

I don’t really know my purpose here on earth, but what I do know is that life is almost perfect for me, but I get emotionally depressed when I cannot help. What should I do, what should I do?

I want to make this life fulfilling. There’s so many things I wish I could do. Like just quit my job, sit at the LRT station to guide those who need my help. But that is just plain silly.

Then I will be in need of money to survive myself. How am I gonna take care of my parents when they grow old, when I don’t have a career.

My mind is full of shit. I can’t think.

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